Anton Falk is a leading Swiss independent wealth management company with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Bäch/Wollerau. It provides the full range of wealth management services ranging from asset management to financial planning and accounting services.

Anton Falk is committed to its independence and works exclusively for the benefit of its clients without any conflicting interests. It provides first-class services with full transparency and dedication.

Anton Falk provides consistent superior risk-adjusted returns to its clients and a unique wealth management experience in the industry. Anton Falk clients are offered wealth management solutions customized to address their specific needs.

We work hard to understand and support owners and management through growth and transitional challenges while considering important implications to employees and community constituents as well.

Our Team

Anton Falk’s partners are top investment professionals with outstanding academic and professional backgrounds. Each partner has extensive experience at leading Swiss financial institutions and maintains a specific expertise in trading, portfolio management, risk analysis, compliance and taxes. Consequently, Anton Falk is able to provide its clients with comprehensive and specialized investment solutions.

Anton Falk dedicates a large portion of its revenues to ongoing employee training in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients. New investment products, changing legislation worldwide and complex risk analysis tools are some of the variables that we expect our employees to understand in order to fulfil our clients’ objectives of wealth preservation and creation.

Anton Falk maintains three locations in Switzerland in order to better serve its clients.

We regularly visit our clients in their home countries throughout the world.

Please contact us if you want to organize a meeting with one of our partners.


  • Anton Falk is a Swiss asset management firm with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Bäch/Wollerau that is owned 100% by its Swiss shareholders to ensure the highest standards of trust.

  • Anton Falk is completely independent from all banks and agents and works with a network of highly qualified specialists around the world to provide its clients a service that goes beyond asset management.

  • Anton Falk focuses on providing superior risk-adjusted returns to its clients through a true open architecture platform and a unique relationship to its custodian banks.

  • Anton Falk’s partners develop a relationship with their clients based on trust, transparency and honesty that goes beyond the usual client-advisor relationship and ensures a total alignment of interests.

  • Anton Falk’s entrepreneurial management and advisory board is comprised of highly qualified finance professionals that are committed to the firm and share the same value for excellence.